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Pooch Party Hats Assortment (Wholesale Only)

Pooch Party Hats Assortment (Wholesale Only)

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Pooch Party Hats for that great celebration the dog beach, at a pool party, or just for that amazing pic for your social media! Party for birthdays, holidays and just because it's a great day.   

All styles are sold as "assorted colors".  Each Pooch Party Hat is fabulous and festive, however we have no control of dye lots of fabric so we sell everything assorted.  

Available in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. Elastic on S=9", M=11", L=13"

Fits most: S 3-8 lbs, M 10-20 lbs, L 25-40 lbs

All assortments are 10 pcs by size and color selected.  There is one larger assortment of Boy/Girl of 20 pcs  and there is a 10% savings on this 20 pc pack.  

10 pc packs have 3S, 4M, 3L and the 20 pc pack has 6S,8M,6L
Handmade in Palm Desert, CA; imported materials.

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