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Hot Bows

Disco Vibes

Disco Vibes

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Neon pink and silver sparkle fabric with a large center crystal!  Stiffened for extended wear.  Size: STANDARD

Discover a world of trendy styles and high-quality craftsmanship that transforms Hot Bows into the ultimate fashion accessory for pets of all sizes. Whether your pet rocks a Petite, Standard, or Party-sized bow, the variety is designed to suit every personality and occasion.

Precision is key, and that's why we say "approximately" — each cut is a work of art, making every Hot Bow a unique expression of creativity. Most styles come with the option of French clips or No-Slip French clips, providing ease of use for various breeds. Proudly made in the USA from imported pieces, our commitment to quality and style shines through.

Our attention to detail extends to the attachment options as well. French Clips cater to dogs with thick hair or those using hairbands, like Shih Tzus or Poodles. For straighter hair, the No-Slip French Clips, recommended for children, feature an added piece of Velcro for extra security, perfect for stylish Yorkies or Maltese pups.

In 2023, we made a bold decision not to continue with Latex Bands, a nod to resilience in challenging times. Our dedication to quality prevailed, and while ribbon styles may still be available in band options, we've chosen not to introduce new styles with Latex Bands.

Every image of Hot Bows is a testament to our creativity and uniqueness. Our watermark is more than a mark; it's a shield protecting the artistry behind each design. Feel free to share these delightful images, but always remember to credit Hot Bows® as the designer. We're not just trademarking our name; we're safeguarding the essence of Hot Bows®.

Hot Bows® — where handmade bows and Pooch Party Hats come to life with pride in the U.S.A., celebrating your pets in style and joy!

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